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Men's Slalom ski reviews 2019

In this category, we perform a comparative review of the best competition-inspired ‘Slalom' skis on the market. These are not pure FIS racing skis, which are too demanding for leisure use, but are strongly performance-oriented, with genuine “Slalom” DNA. Agility, fast edge-to-edge transfer, turn precision, grip and rebound energy when exiting turns are among the key factors taken into consideration when reviewing these skis. Their accessibility to a non-competition public and their qualities in the context of day-to-day use are additional criteria.

They're perfect for athletic skiers with very good technical skills who're looking for performance above all, and who adore very lively and grippy skis for dynamic rides, especially in short turns.
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Selected as one of the best skis on the market and reviewed for several years by PROSKILAB, the SLX Fusion from Elan has frequently got close to the top spot on the podium without ever winning it. This year, the ski finally got a well-deserved "Best ski" award thanks to its balanced combination of performance, consistency and pleasure.

You'll get plenty of performance. The ski is truly efficient... Read on

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The Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti is regularly selected for review by PROSKILAB and is frequently picked among the winners.

Reviewed last year (to our great regret) with the general public "Konect" plate, it offered a good compromise between performance, accessibility and pleasure, but was not quite good enough to convince the reviewers eager for performance.

It’s back again this year... Read on

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When we tried the Kästle models in January 2018, we found them very promising, so we decided to include the brand in the 2019 reviews.

The RX12 SL selected for the "Slalom" category was a great surprise. The reviewers found the ski easy to handle for this category, giving it plenty of praise, with "I loved it", "perfect flex for me", "an easy slalom ski"...

The... Read on

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The Redster S9 is objectively a good ski, remarkably consistent and versatile. The reviewers liked the ski's easy handling, the overall enjoyment, and the very consistent behavior that will reassure a lot of riders. It's especially comfortable and intuitive when carving out short turns.

On the other hand, the reviewers noted a slight lack of punch in very dynamic rides at high speed which showed the... Read on