Women's Cruisers ski reviews 2020

In this category, we select and review skis with a focus on harmony. We look for models that offer a well-balanced mix of performance/comfort/accessibility. These skis perform well but require limited physical engagement, absorb the terrain well, are happy in all snow conditions and all turns, and can easily switch between carving and skid turns.

They're ideal for intermediary to good riders who want to make progress on a very versatile ski, or more experienced skiers who want to ride and enjoy themselves all day long without burning themselves out.
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For women's skis (just as with men's), in this "Cruiser" category we select skis that have an overall quality of consistency. We are not looking for the most high performance or the most accessible skis on the market, we are looking for those which offer a balance between efficiency, comfort, ease of use and versatility.

The Nova 14 Ti is the flagship of Rossignol's Nova range, which... Read on

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Last year's "Best Ski", the Dynastar Speed Elite has been dethroned this year by a more versatile and consistent model.

However, it does remain a top level ski and with slalom in its DNA, it will keep skiers in the forefront when it comes to performance. Turn initiation, grip and drive through the turn are all without reproach. The Speed Elite deserves its name: it's sporty, lively and "responsive".

Made... Read on

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Acknowledged by the Proskilab testers for its sporty temperament, the Head Super Joy hasn't changed much this year.

"Excellent ski", "good ski", "fun to ski"... The compliments pour forth and confirm the fun ride that this ski gives, as well as its potential to improve technique.

It's important to note that to enjoy the performance of this ski requires a certain... Read on

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The Flair SC (Slalom Carver) Carbon is defined by Völkl as being "a rigid but light piste ski, made for short turns".

The overall performance is good, although not the best in the category. The testers enjoyed the compromise between performance and comfort: "not too rigid" but with a "good rebound".

The ski is "easy and fun", especially suited to short turns... Read on

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Kästle's DX73 W "Vogue" is a women's version of the men's DX73. The testers tried the ski very short (156cm) and would have preferred having a few extra centimetres in edge length.

Without a doubt, it is the accessibility of the ski that is its best quality. Put simply, it is excellent. Judged particularly "easy to handle", the DX73 W doesn't need special instructions,... Read on

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The Anthem is a new series of women's all round/piste skis from K2. The Anthem 80 is the second widest ski in the range.

It's a soft ski, which has its advantages and inconveniences.

As it is easy to flex, it's a very accessible ski which is easy to turn and at ease in skid turns. The lightness is also an advantage.

The lack of rigidity becomes more apparent when the rhythm picks... Read on