Ethics and Methodology


Helping You Choose the 'Right Pair' of Skis

PROSKILAB helps you choose the right pair of skis for you, according to your technical and physical level, how you ski, by reviewing the skis on sale for you in a reliable and objective way, and completely independently.

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An International Review

Every year, the PROSKILAB™ review, available in five languages (French, Italian, Spanish, German and English), is visited by hundreds of thousands of European internet users looking for a pair of skis.


Market Segmentation and Defining Categories

PROSKILAB defines categories corresponding to different market segments and an associated specification.

Comparative Nature of the Review and Pre-Selection

The PROSKILAB methodology requires that all skis in the same category be reviewed by the same panel of reviewers in the same half-day so as to get similar snow conditions.

The desire to offer a truly comparative review – in other words, one where all of the skis in a category are reviewed by a single panel of reviewers in the same half-day – requires a small number of models to be reviewed for each category.

The skis reviewed are therefore subject to a pre-evaluation that takes place two months before the review. The purpose of this step is to select the skis that best meet the specifications of the various categories and that will be tested under the conditions mentioned above.

Independence of the Review


PROSKILAB is an independent review. In particular, the review rejects all forms of commercial and advertising collaboration.


PROSKILAB is paid by offering advertising space on its websites for various products and services associated with skiing and winter sports, with the exception of ski manufacturers and their representatives.

In particular, the PROSKILAB review is paid for by distributors with each click internet users make in the 'Where to Buy This Ski' section.

Review Team

Pro Reviewers

The reviewers are mostly experienced professionals, ski instructors and/or mountain guides, specialists in their discipline (freeride, freestyle, etc.) and often former competitors. They are paid. They are tasked with analysing the ski's behaviour in depth.

'Expert' Reviewers

The evaluation done by the 'pros' is supplemented by the opinion of 'expert' skiers, good amateur skiers tasked with giving a less technical opinion, but one that is closer to the end consumer.