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Reviewers' score

Fischer Curve DTX reviews 2017

PROSKILAB™ reviewers' comments

Sometimes the PROSKILAB™ reviewers disagree about a model, which was what happened with the Curve DTX from Fisher.

Some found it "playful and exceptional" with excellent handling qualities. Others found it unstable with slippery pressure, making carving difficult. This makes us think that there was a specific problem with the model supplied, especially as we didn't notice this issue with the model we pre-tested in January and that left a very good impression overall, leading to its selection for the PROSKILAB™ review.

In view of our doubts, we decided not to give this ski a score and to review it again next year.

Review: Pros

  • Great skid turns
  • Easy turn initiation

Review: Cons

  • Unstable and unpredictable behaviour
  • Difficult to enter and maintain the rail
  • Lacks pep

The ski review scores

Turn initiation
Stability/turning performance
Short turn performance
Long turn performance
Skid turn performance
Snow contact
Soft snow fluidity
Freeride - Flotation quality
Handling in powder
Performance on hard snow
Freeride - Performance on hard snow
All-terrain comfort
Freeride - On-piste performance
Ground performance
Boardercross ability
Ability to switch

Who's it for?

Intermediate → Very good+

Manufacturer's remarks

Ultra dynamic
Cutting-edge technology pack
Limitless pleasure on the skis

Features of the Curve DTX

Brand : Fischer
Model : Curve DTX
Year : 2017
Family : Cruisers
Size tested : 171 cm
Tip size : 121 mm
Waist size : 72 mm
Tail size : 106 mm
Radius for the size reviewed : Not available

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Reviewed by PROSKILAB™

in La Clusaz, France, March 2016