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Elan SLX Fusion reviews 2019

Best ski 2019

PROSKILAB™ reviewers' comments

Selected as one of the best skis on the market and reviewed for several years by PROSKILAB, the SLX Fusion from Elan has frequently got close to the top spot on the podium without ever winning it. This year, the ski finally got a well-deserved "Best ski" award thanks to its balanced combination of performance, consistency and pleasure.

You'll get plenty of performance. The ski is truly efficient in every area, from turn entry to exit with powerful rebound. "Well-balanced, it hugs the turn perfectly" one professional reviewer noted. The ski is "very precise and grippy", carving out turns with a scalpel. We reviewed a size slightly bigger than requested (170 cm) and the stick proved extremely frisky, especially comfortable in short turns, while still happy carving out great "S" shaped swoops.

The SLX Fusion is "playful and not too technical", "enjoyable and surprise-free", and particularly tolerant so it will forgive minor errors and is remarkably accessible for this category. The reviewers particularly noted its "consistent, predictable and well-balanced" behaviour.

The quality of snow contact, the ski's consistency and the moderate engagement required make it a "comfortable" ski.

The SLX Fusion is lively, precise and smooth, in short, a great adrenalin booster, and our reviewers came back with their test sheet full and a smile on their face.

The SLX Fusion once again confirmed all the qualities already noted in the past. It's the ideal ski for anyone looking for a dynamic, agile and precise slalom ski without the drawbacks of one that's too demanding.

Review: Pros

  • A lively and playful ski
  • Reassuring, forgiving and consistent
  • Top flight performance
  • Performance and precision in turns
  • Good grip
  • Versatile

Review: Cons

  • Less dynamic than the Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti with its R22 race plate.

The ski review scores

Turn initiation
Stability/turning performance
Short turn performance
Long turn performance
Skid turn performance
Snow contact
Soft snow fluidity

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Manufacturer's remarks

Blast from one short turn to another with never before experienced energy. The SLX Fusion redefines the term "high intensity" as this ski is packed with punch from tip to tail. Go fast, turn tight.

Features of the SLX Fusion

Brand : Elan
Model : SLX Fusion
Year : 2019
Family : Slalom
Size tested : 165 cm
Tip size : 121 mm
Waist size : 68 mm
Tail size : 104 mm
Radius for the size reviewed : 12 m
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Slx fusion

I have to disagree with the above opinion. Way too soft and slow reaction time. It felt like playing tennis with an oversized tennis racket for older players, with a massive sweet spot. Simply not stiff enough for advanced skiers: much rather prefer the racetiger sl, atomic s9, head i.race or doberman slr in this category.

le 17/03/2019 à 19:08:09

Optimized performer

I do not support Branko's opinion about the quality of the ELAN SLX 19/20 skis. The ski is obedient, relaxing, tolerant, you can do everything you want by them, drive curving, narrow arcs, wide arcs, you can skate by them, it behaves perfectly and steadily and keeps the curve from entering to exit, physically not tiring, it's fun, but also beautiful designed and offers eyecatched aesthetic. It is true that these skis suffer in the spring, snow-capped snow, when the top of the skis sinks, loses its dynamics, but after all, ELAN has dedicated skis for these types of slopes, isn't it? I mean Amphibio and Wingman. To conclude: ELAN SLX are skis for every recommendation, that require technique, but it is very manageable, with an excellent response, does not like the unpredictable skiing reactions, offers pleasure in narrow and middle turns. BRAVO, ELAN SLX !!!

le 09/05/2019 à 17:31:03

slx race ski

i have skied on slx race skis for the last 7 years my last pair were 3 season old brand new and they kick ass i skied this year in powder hard pack they were awesome very responsive ,great edging ,though i do agree spring snow was challenging I'm a full on mogul skier love them ,wood core nothing comes close cool Spike a Kiwi skier from New Zealand

le 11/07/2019 à 21:59:37

Elan SLX, pure joy!

purchased for the 2019 Australian season, I ski Mt Buller in Vic. 92kg, 187cm, 58yo, club racer, ski length 170cm I've had so much fun on these skis, I cannot belive how good they are. 13m radius may make you think forget long turns, but its also a forte of the ski. I was using some Volkl RTM 75, about 7 years old now and the difference is very obvious. More stable, quicker turns, punch thru soft spring snow easily, just brilliant on anything hard pack. Only time I got slip was on man made mix with snow & rain thats frozen wind packed and groomed to a shine, its like matt marble. Even my Head iGS RD masters wouldn't grip on it, or most likely my skills let me down! I love short turns and these skis just rip them out so easily. Even my 14yo son at 60kg had a ski on them and was loving them big time! His first taste of a real ski. Thanks to Proskilab for the review, I had to special order to get them in Oz.

Nigel HA
le 26/08/2019 à 09:49:57

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