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Head Worldcup Rebels i.SL review 2020

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"Super ski, very responsive and playful" but "tested in too short a size", the I.SL pro from Head shows some good qualities that could not be fully exploited. Tested in 160 cm instead of the 165 cm requested, it would probably have gained additional points had it been the larger size. But the level is already excellent and the ski offers very nice sensations.

The WC Rebels I.SL is very easy to use for this category and the directions for use are simple. We quickly get comfortable and quickly enjoy the ski's liveliness. The ski deforms and anchors very easily. With a radius of 11.5 metres, the WC Rebels i.SL performs very tight turns. Another point the testers especially liked: it likes to be on the edge and makes it possible to take angles defying the laws of physics. Its favourite area is carving "small curves", where it excels.

As a corollary to its ability to anchor, it is less comfortable in skidding and sliding handling, due to a very present tail. The testers found that it skied rather in a centred way in this size. Those who like to ski by applying pressure to the boot housings should probably take it with 5 cm more.

"Playful", "fun", the WC Rebels Pro is a ski that likes to take angles and on which you can really enjoy yourself. We recommend it specifically to skiers of a good to excellent level for a committed carving practice and for introducing to competitions. Even if 160 cm is the reference size of the ski, we recommend the size above for medium to heavy skiers.

Review: Pros

  • Ease
  • Ski that wants to accelerate
  • Excellent carving handling
  • Ability to take angles
  • Effective in small cut bends
  • Very short turn
  • Ability in introducing to competitions

Review: Cons

  • Tested in a slightly short size
  • Performance in this size
  • Tail that is present but reduces the range of ski uses in skidding/sliding handling

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Short turn performance
Long turn performance
Skid turn performance
Snow contact
Soft snow fluidity

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Manufacturer's remarks

World Cup Rebels skis are the key to every performance. Their specific sandwich construction and piezoelectric device make them a weapon for competitions. Equipped with the Kers, a piezoelectric device, the ski stores the energy created through speed and releases it at the end of each turn.

Features of the Worldcup Rebels i.SL

Brand : Head
Model : Worldcup Rebels i.SL
Year : 2020
Family : Slalom
Size tested : 160 cm
Tip size : 124 mm
Waist size : 68 mm
Tail size : 108 mm
Radius for the size reviewed : 11 m

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