Kästle 2020 ski reviews

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The "Best Ski" last year, the MX67 at Kästle keeps all its qualities.

What meets the eye (or the foot?) when testing the MX67 is the compromise between accessibility and agility.
The ski engages curves intuitively, without excessive engagement. A small lean on the edge and hop, the nose takes, the ski deforms and we are already comfortably installed in a curve, naturally rather tight. An honest... Read on

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The RX12 SL from Kästle plays the card of accessibility and fun. The reviewers were unanimous in enjoying its user experience. The word "pleasant" came back on five review sheets out of six. That's saying something…

The ski, with its "immediate initiation", shows great docility for this category. Turning is done spontaneously with a limited need for commitment. The ski is... Read on

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The FX96 HP (for "High Performance", indicating the presence of carbon reinforcement this season) is a new ski from Kästle, replacing the FX95 HP.

It is a very versatile ski, perfectly comfortable in this All-Mountain 50/50 programme. On the piste, it is comfortable in all types of handling, carves well and is quite agile.

The reviewers especially liked the gentle way it worked. The reactions... Read on

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The comments we made last year for the RX12 GS from Kästle are absolutely valid this year.

Its overall performance is good. Curve entry, intuitive and incisive, was particularly appreciated by the reviewers.

The ski is versatile, able to slow down the pace or even evolve into skid handling, comfortable on all types of curves. Its intermediate radius, cut shape and certain flexibility make it a very... Read on

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From Kästle, the new DX series is designed to attract price-conscious customers with two models, the DX73 and the DX85, both priced at €599 with bindings.

"Docile ski", "pleasant and gentle", the DX73 is a delight at moderate speed. The ski's behaviour, very balanced and intuitive, the easy pivoting, the homogeneous skid handling make it a very easily accessible ski.

When... Read on

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Kästle's DX73 W "Vogue" is a women's version of the men's DX73. The testers tried the ski very short (156cm) and would have preferred having a few extra centimetres in edge length.

Without a doubt, it is the accessibility of the ski that is its best quality. Put simply, it is excellent. Judged particularly "easy to handle", the DX73 W doesn't need special instructions,... Read on

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While the MX84 from Kästle brilliantly won a "Best Ski" medal last year in this category, the behaviour of the model reviewed this year appeared a step backwards. The reviewers found, in particular, that the ski was less precise, "stable and safe" than last year.

This difference is difficult to explain because the model does not seem to have changed. Maybe a problem with the preparation... Read on

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The little brother of the FX95, but not benefiting from the "HP" (High Performance) version, the FX86 from Kästle plays the card of lightness and ease. It is indeed one of the lightest models of this category, with 1.7 kg per ski, according to Kästle, in the size reviewed.

The FX86 is a homogeneous, versatile, gentle, easy, efficient ski as long as you don't go too fast. Its flexibility... Read on

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A problem with the skis provided for testing by Kästle prevented us from properly reviewing the ski, so it has not been rated this year.