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Rossignol Pursuit 600 CAM 2019

Reviewed by PROSKILAB

PROSKILAB™ reviewers comments

Rossignol's Pursuit line is a great success. The Pursuit 800 stood out in the "Men's Top-of-the-range" category with a "Best ski" 2019 distinction. The Pursuit 600 CAM (Carbon Alloy Matrix for those in the know) is very well placed in this (already very demanding) selection of the best skis on the market.

It's extremely accessible thanks to the ease of rotation, consistent skid turns and slight overdrive effect that will facilitate first turns. It's a tool that anyone can handle, even beginners.

The ski is versatile, a good overall performer, and happy in all registers as long as it's not pushed too fast. In effect, at high speed, the tip tends to float and turns are less solid.

The passage from skid turns to carving is easy and even intuitive.

It's an excellent ski for this PROSKILAB programme that selects accessible skis for the weakest riders, but that can help them progress towards more technical carving.

We recommend the Pursuit 600 CAM for a wide range of riders, from beginners getting onto skis for the first time to riders who have mastered parallel turns. They'll all discover an enjoyable, forgiving ski that will help them to make technical progress.

Review: Pros

  • Accessible
  • Efficient skid turns
  • Forgiving
  • Smooth carving

Review: Cons

  • Tip tends to float a bit
  • Limited potential for speed

The ski review scores

Turn initiation
Stability/turning performance
Short turn performance
Long turn performance
Skid turn performance
Snow contact
Soft snow fluidity

Who's it for?

Beginner → Intermediate

Manufacturer's remarks

Packed with Rossignol's technology and know-how, the Pursuit line reveals its new ambition: to PLAY WITH POWER! In effect, each ski's performance is adjusted to meet its rider's needs according to their level. All the Pursuit skis feature the latest race innovations, validated by our athletes. Only the ski's construction and consequently its power vary, depending on the model. This obsession with perfection down to the smallest detail ensures that the Pursuit line is a match for any one of the top skis on the market!

Features of the Pursuit 600 CAM

Brand : Rossignol
Model : Pursuit 600 CAM
Year : 2019
Family : Intermediate
Size tested : 170 cm
Tip size : 126 mm
Waist size : 74 mm
Tail size : 110 mm
Radius for the size reviewed : 14 mm

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Reviewed by PROSKILAB™

in La Clusaz, France, March 2018