Head 2020 ski reviews

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In this programme that focusses on performance and, above all, the sensations the skier gets, the WorldCup Rebels i. Race from Head did not disappoint the reviewers.

They were unanimous in highlighting the sporting qualities of the ski: "incisive at the beginning of curves", "good grip", "demonic in edge-to-edge transitions". It allows you to move quickly "with a great feeling... Read on

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The Kore 93 from Head, with its 93 mm waist, is positioned between the two All-Mountain Proskilab categories.
It was successfully reviewed last year in "All-Mountain 50/50", where it received a "Best Ski 2019" award. The arrival of the Kore 99 in this category encourages us to review its little brother in the "All-Mountain 70/30" category more aimed at the piste, where it does not let... Read on

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The World Cup Rebels i.Speed from Head was reviewed in a little short a size (175 cm for 180 cm requested). With a radius of 18 metres, it is less of the giant type.

The ski is accessible, even "too easy" and gives "good sensations". The performance is good without reaching that of the top of the category. In particular, the reviewers appreciated its ability to enter turns, its curve handling... Read on

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While the Kore 93 brilliantly earned a "Best Ski" medal last year in this category, the Kore 99 appears to be a much more rigid and performance-oriented ski.

The ski is made for high speeds, where it excels on- and off-piste. The stability and ability to absorb vibrations is simply exceptional. The ski wants only one thing: to go fast, and according to the reviewers, it "requires space".

In... Read on

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"Super ski, very responsive and playful" but "tested in too short a size", the I.SL pro from Head shows some good qualities that could not be fully exploited. Tested in 160 cm instead of the 165 cm requested, it would probably have gained additional points had it been the larger size. But the level is already excellent and the ski offers very nice sensations.

The WC Rebels I.SL is very easy... Read on

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Presented as an All-Mountain range, Head's "V-shape" range (named because of the shape of the skis, which are wider at the front) is rather a range of piste/"All-Round" skis (like the Speed Zone 4x4 range). It consists of five models with increasing levels of performance: V2, V4, V6, V8, V10.

The V-shape 4 is available in a much larger XL version, with an additional 11 mm at the waist.... Read on

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Acknowledged by the Proskilab testers for its sporty temperament, the Head Super Joy hasn't changed much this year.

"Excellent ski", "good ski", "fun to ski"... The compliments pour forth and confirm the fun ride that this ski gives, as well as its potential to improve technique.

It's important to note that to enjoy the performance of this ski requires a certain... Read on

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The V-Shape series takes its name from the shape of the skis, which are substantially wider in front. The V-Shape 8 from Head immediately shows its favourite terrain: carving.

A true "carving machine", "reactive", the ski puts itself very "on the edge easily". It feels comfortable and allows you to take important angles. Its flexibility allows it to deform with a minimum of speed... Read on

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The excellent Head Kore 93 - last year's "Best ski" in the men's range - has quickly become a benchmark for the all mountain ski. This year it has come out with a women's version: the Kore 93 W.

The construction is the same as that of the men's version. It's interesting to note that Head's approach here is quite different to that of equivalent brands which often include... Read on